To make sure our community thrives we have to make sure that our ads are safe and don't fall below our minimum standards. All ads that don't could be edited/remove and we may pause your account while we investigate. Violating users will be permanently blocked/banned. If you have any questions, please get in touch for further advice.

Please familiarise yourself with Camlist policies regarding the advertising and rehoming of pets:

  1. Please consider rehoming a rescue pet. There are many wonderful pets in need of adoption and a loving forever home. Remember a young pet needs lots of attention and an older animal can often be a better choice for many families.

  2. No puppy or kitten may be rehomed before the age of 8 weeks.

  3. No puppy or kitten under 6 months of age can be advertised for rehoming on our website by a 3rd party.

  4. Any seller listing any pet for sale MUST have the necessary license to do so. Sellers listings pets for sale are fully responsible for ensuring they have the necessary license and bear full legal liability for their listings.

  5. Pets should not be advertised for rehoming until they are fully weaned and are no longer dependent upon their parents.

  6. Pets should not be advertised for gifting, pets require the right care and attention to live a happy and healthy life

  7. Any licensed breeder who advertises a pet MUST be able to share their license to buyers if requested to do so, and must provide the buyer with a tax invoice for their purchase. The seller bears full legal liability if they fail to do so, or if they do not follow the proper licensing and tax requirements as per UAE law.

  8. Pets that require licenses for ownership & transport must be declared in the listing

  9. We DO NOT allow puppy farms. If you see someone you think could be breaking the law, please tell us. You will be taken seriously!

  10. No wild animals including but not limited to; hedgehogs, ground squirrels or monkeys.

  11. Pets cannot be advertised as available for swapping for other pets, goods or services in any form

  12. All pets must be completely healthy and should not have any illnesses or infections

  13. All pets must be microchipped and registered to their breeder prior to advertising them for rehoming

  14. All adverts are moderated to ensure that banned breeds and prohibited species are not offered for sale through our website

  15. Sellers may not have duplicate profiles on the app, any seller found to have duplicate profiles would immediately lose access the newer profile due to suspension

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