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Here's how you can make the right offer for your perfect pet.

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When you find a pet you are interested in, you have an option to make an offer to the seller within the app to show your interest.

Depending on the country you're located in, you may see one or two types of offers that you can send to sellers:

  1. A "non-guaranteed" offer

    This type of offer is available in all countries. It is a "no commitment" offer. It shows your interest, but you don't get charged if the seller accepts it.

    When you send a non-guaranteed offer the seller will have the option to accept or reject it.

    Once the seller agrees to your offer, they will need to send you a "payment request" before you can make the payment.

  2. A "guaranteed" offer

    This is a full commitment and is the best kind of offer, because it shows the seller you are serious. Sellers will give preference to buyers who send these kinds of offers as usually sellers try to look for the most committed buyers to rehome their pets to.

    When you send a guaranteed offer, you will need to add your credit card details, and you will be charged ONLY IF the seller accepts your offer. In case the seller rejects your guaranteed offer, you will not be charged.

To make an offer, all you need to do is:


Open a direct chat between you and the seller for the listing of the pet that you would like to bring home.


Tap on the "Make Offer" button.


Choose your offer type as "Guaranteed offer" or "Mon-guaranteed offer" if this option is available to you.

Send a reasonable offer, we advise you not to offer anything less than 80% of the asking price as this will improve your chances of getting the pet.

You may even choose to edit your offer after you've made your initial offer.


Wait for the seller to accept your offer (you can follow up with them).

In the case of a non-guaranteed offer, ask them to send you a payment request on the app after they accept your offer so that you can complete the payment process within the app.

In the case of a guaranteed offer, you would have been charged on your chosen card, and can proceed based on the instructions shown to you within the app with regards to your payment.

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