While you're looking for the perfect bird, here are some questions you can go through as a checklist:

  • Have you visited the bird in its own the environment with the current owner?

  • Have you checked all medical history and reports if applicable?

  • Does the bird look healthy with sleek feathers?

  • Is the bird being kept in a safe and clean environment?

  • Do you have enough space and the time to take care of this bird?

  • Do you have to a vet in your area or around you who specializes in birds?

  • Have you seen all the required certificates and paperwork from the seller?

  • Is the seller licensed?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, please consider using a different breeder or seller and if you are concerned about the birds welfare, you can report the matter to Camlist.

Set your expectations.

Research the bird thoroughly before rehoming. Each breed of birds has its own set of requirements, some of them are wild and destructive and some are noisy. It's important to fully understand everything about the bird before it becomes part of your family.

Research the dietary requirements of the bird you're buying, and make sure you can afford it and have the facilities to provide what's needed for it.

Visit your new family member in their own home!

Visit your prospective new house mate but do so in its own home, be wary of sellers who offer to meet you outside their homes! A bird should always be seen its own home environment.

Check all medical records and history of the bird if it's not available you need to understand why and ask to see any records the seller has.

Check the temperament and health of the bird.

When you first view the bird, give it some space to allow it to relax and then check that their feathers are sleek and that the bird is lively, if this is not the case it may indicate the bird is not well.

Seek information from a specialist bird vet who will be able to provide any further information you may need.

Each breed has its own requirements.

Please check the requirements of the bird you are buying, some breeds need special paperwork. Please check your prospective bird has everything necessary as you and the seller may be breaking the law if these are required and not provided.

Collect. Don't get the pet delivered.

See the bird in its owner's home and never let the seller offer to courier the bird to you, see it in its own home and collect it from there. Delivering the bird with the courier causes the bird a lot of stress and may not recover from it.

Consider rehoming a rescue centre bird first!

Before giving a bird a home, please consider searching local rescue centers to rehome an animal in need, there are thousands available!

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