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(UK 🇬🇧) Camlist Cashback Club
(UK 🇬🇧) Camlist Cashback Club

The details of the Exclusive Camlist Cashback Club and how to redeem the cashback on your purchases.

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We know that finding and rehoming a new furry friend to join your family is no easy task. It's a big responsibility! And there are so many things you need to figure out on your journey as a pet parent.

Thousands of pets have found new parents on Camlist, and we have seen a pattern of the things most new pet parents need.

Thanks to our partnerships, we are proud to say that we have put together a fantastic deal for all pet parents to pamper their pets to the maximum!

The Camlist Cashback Club is an exclusive invite-only club where you can earn a cashback of up to 15% credited to you after your successful purchase.

The services provided by Camlist Cashback Club include:

  • Food

  • Supplies

  • Video vet services

  • De-worming and flea treatments

  • Grooming

  • Pet Sitting

  • Accessories and toys

Our list of partners includes:

  • Purina

  • Bitiba

  • Monster Pet Supplies

  • Zooplus

  • VioVet

  • Itch Pet

  • Trusted House Sitters

    ...and many more!

To redeem the cashback, you may do the following:

  1. Request for your exclusive link to access The Cashback Club from our support team (top-right corner button on the Camlist app)

  2. Open your exclusive link and make sure that you are greeted with your username on the Camlist app (In case the username does not match, please reach out to the support team)

  3. Browse the catalog of partners

  4. Make sure you press the “Visit Store” button of the website you want to shop at below the partner (The button should be the last link you press before going to the website)

  5. Place your order and take a screenshot of the invoice you receive from the partner and share it with our support team (top-right corner button on the Camlist app)

  6. Within 24 hours of your order being placed, you will receive the cashback on your Camlist wallet

  7. Once your wallet balance reaches £100, you will be able to withdraw it to your bank account, so make sure you set up your bank details on the app

NOTE: In case your order is cancelled, your cashback will be deducted from your balance.

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