Camlist Refund Policy

Please read this carefully before making any payment to a seller on Camlist

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If your payment is not made on the Camlist app, you are not covered by Camlist's Buyer Protection Program - for example, if the payment is made by cash, bank transfer, PayPal, etc. you cannot claim the benefits of our Buyer Protection Program [Link].

Paying by cash or direct bank transfer is unsafe, and we recommend you avoid them. Please do so at your own risk. In case of any disputes, we will not be able to resolve them.

For all payments made on the Camlist app, we commit NOT to release your payment to the seller until you confirm receiving your pet by pressing the “Confirm Delivery” button as outlined in our Buyer Protection Program [Link]. If for whatever reason you wish to cancel the rehoming and get your money back before you press the "Confirm Delivery" button that is possible, and that is how we protect our buyers.

However, once you receive your pet and press the "Confirm Delivery" button, we immediately transfer the FULL amount to the seller. From that moment onwards, you are not eligible for any refund of any kind from Camlist.

By proceeding to pay through Camlist (either in full or in installments) you agree that you will not hold Camlist or any of our affiliates liable for any issue that later arises between you and the seller, or any claim against the seller due to the condition (health or otherwise) of the pet, that you will resolve any such issues directly with the seller, and you confirm that you accept the pet AS IS upon the time of your confirmation.

Please make sure that you do ALL necessary health checks before receiving the pet to ensure your fur baby is in the best health before you rehome them. If you feel the seller is trying to avoid providing you with this information, we strongly suggest you do not proceed as this is usually an indication that something is wrong. Please read our Rehoming Checklists on things you must check before rehoming a pet to ensure your safety and the welfare of your fur baby [Link].

By proceeding to pay on Camlist, you agree that it is your sole responsibility to ensure this, and we will not be liable for any issues that may arise after you press the “Confirm Delivery” button.

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