What are Camlist Boosts?

This article explains Camlist boosts and how they work.

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Camlist boosts allow you to bump your listing to the top of the home screen above all other listings, just like it was just posted.

Boosts are a great way to refresh the visibility of your listing and get more views.

How do Camlist boosts work?

From your profile screen, choose any listing and tap on "Boost." If you already have boosts in your balance, they will be used to refresh your listing and push it to the top of the home screen listings.

Boosting your listing will increase its visibility at the time you use it and is a great way to gain more viewers.

How do I buy boosts?

It’s simple: you get Camlist boosts by buying a bundle from the 3 options available. Just go to "Boosts" in your "Profile" screen.

How do I check my boosts balance?

Go to your profile and tap on the boosts button under your username to view your boosts balance.

You may also view your boost transaction history by tapping on the "History" tab on your boost balance page.

Can I get the boosts back?

No. Boosts are non-refundable and can’t be converted back into money once purchased.

Can I transfer boosts to another Camlist account or user?

No. boosts are non-transferable.

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