Scam Avoidance Checklist

Let’s ensure that we go through this, better safe than sorry!

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We go to great lengths to ensure Camlist is completely scam free, however bad actors will always find a way to slip through our safeguards.

In the unlikely event that some of them do slip past our safeguards, we want to ensure that you take the necessary precautions beforehand so that you avoid falling into their traps.

Here are some common signs you should watch for:

  • Is their profile complete? Do they have reviews from other buyers?

    • Check to make sure that you have more information about the person you are speaking to. If they have a profile picture and a legitimate username and the name of the person/business, it is easier to trust them. Also check if they have written anything about themselves. This may not be a foolproof test, but it is a start.

  • Are they in a rush to get you to pay?

    • If so, the person you are speaking with, may be trying to get you to make the payment without showing you the pet, or letting you have a viewing. Make sure to view the pet or do a video call before you put down a deposit. You must also ask to have a look at the mother of the pet.

  • Are they immediately taking you to another platform?

    • In case they ask you to immediately switch to WhatsApp or another messaging service, it may be an issue. Scammers tend to do so to avoid being caught misusing the Camlist app. Please ensure that you speak to any seller within the Camlist app only as you can report them in case you feel they are trying to scam you. In case you do move to another messaging service, Camlist has no control over what happens there.

  • Are they asking you to pay a deposit on another platform?

    • If a seller asks you to pay a deposit in PayPal (especially under the “friends and family” option) or do a bank transfer, it is our strong suggestion that you do NOT do it. This way they can take your money, and may never respond to you again. Camlist has a payments option within the app, and we urge you to use this option to make all your payments as all payments within Camlist are covered by our Buyer Protection Program.

Here is a quick checklist for detecting scammers:

  • Scammers will try to move the chat outside Camlist (mostly to WhatsApp) immediately so we can’t see the messages they send.

  • Most scammers try to pressure you to put a deposit quickly before you get a chance to verify their authenticity. They will give you a very cheap price for a pet that’s known to be expensive.

  • Scammers use “fake shipping companies” that will send you invoices, and will convince to pay the deposit to that shipping company claiming that the shipping company will hold the deposit until they deliver the pet to you.

  • Scammers offer “free” pets, and just ask for you to pay the shipping cost

  • Usually scammers are always conveniently far away from your location, this way they ensure you won’t ask to physically come and inspect the puppy in person

  • The most powerful weapon in detecting scammers is your instinct, if something feels wrong or too good to be true, then it probably is a scam.

What to do in case you meet a scammer?

You should immediately report them using the "Report" button in their ad, you can also report them from within the chat itself. Please make sure to give us as much information as possible while submitting the report so we can investigate it fully and take action.

Please stay safe, and we hope to make Camlist the safest place for you and everyone in our community.

We hope you enjoy using Camlist, and thanks for being a part of our community!

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