Camlist Buyer Protection Program

We protect all our buyers who pay in app, and offer them great deals!

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⚠️ IMPORTANT: Camlist's Buyer Protection is not available in the following cases:

  • Off-site transactions: If the payment is not made on the Camlist app, you are not covered by Camlist's Buyer Protection. For example, if the payment is made by cash, bank transfer, PayPal, etc., you cannot claim the benefits of this program.

  • Paying by cash or direct bank transfer is unsafe, and we recommend you avoid them at all costs. Please do so at your own risk. In case of any disputes, we will not be able to resolve them.

Ensuring that you are safe and protected while paying on Camlist is our top priority.

Our Buyer Protection Program offers protection to our buyers for all payments made through Camlist and gives them peace of mind.

Before you proceed to make any payment for a pet, make sure that you read the checklist for new pet parents article to know how to ensure you're finding the best breeder and asking them the right questions

Once you've found the right breeder and you're ready to make a payment ensure that you only pay on Camlist, and avoid any payment via cash, bank transfer, or other options such as PayPal, etc.

Any payment you make on Camlist is held in escrow inside the app until you press the "Confirm Delivery" button, which protects and ensures the safety of your funds.

In case you do not receive your pet for any reason, you are entitled to a full refund of your payment (as long as you haven't pressed the "Confirm Delivery" button)

The full details of the program are outlined below, please read this carefully before making any payment to a seller you chat with on Camlist:

  1. Safe Payments:

    Any payment you make on the app goes to the seller's Camlist balance; it is NOT released to their bank account until you confirm to us that you physically received your pet. There is a 'Confirm Delivery' button that shows up in your chat with the seller after you make the payment; you would have to tap that and attach a photo proof of yourself with the pet. Only then can the seller transfer the money from their Camlist balance to their bank account. Without the photo, we won't be able to transfer the funds to the seller.

  2. 100% privacy:

    You do not have to share your phone number or personal details with any seller, as we have our in-built chat and video call features to help you interact with the seller.

  3. Customer support:

    If you need any support at any time, just chat with us in the app through the support icon (as highlighted below), and we will get it sorted.

  4. Refunds:

    You can only claim a refund in case you have not pressed the "Confirm Delivery" button.

    Once you press the "Confirm Delivery" button, you accept the terms and conditions of the payment, you accept the pet at its current health condition, and confirm that everything is as per your agreement with the seller. The payment is immediately released to the seller and you will no longer be eligible for a refund.

    You can read more about the refund policy here

  5. Buyer Testimonials

    Below are some reviews from a few of our pet parents who were protected by the Buyer Protection Program. We strongly advise you to make your payments on Camlist to receive the safest experience.


We also have a special limited-time offer for our buyers for any pet they pay for through Camlist. When you pay on Camlist, you benefit from all the below:

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