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Here are a few things you can do as a seller to find the best homes for your pets

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At Camlist, we don't just aim to help you find more buyers and get more responses. We want to help you find the best homes for your pets and provide the best support for all your buyers, no matter where you meet them!

In order to close more deals as a seller, here are some steps you can take:

  • Complete your profile with a profile picture, a custom username, and a descriptive bio (read more about setting up your profile here)

  • Post a creative video listing - you can add a voiceover, some music, and effects to make your listing stand out from the crowd (read more about posting a listing here)

  • Add a complete description and also include the optional details for the pet in the listing so that a buyer can get all the information they need in an instant

  • Be polite with every user to earn a good rating and feedback, this will help every user immediately trust you as a seller - work towards a 5-star rating

  • Accept payments within the Camlist app as most buyers are looking to use this as a safe option for payment

  • Learn about all the offers for buyers when they pay through Camlist so that you can offer this to all your buyers

  • Share the above offers on your social media, WhatsApp, and listings on other sites, you can learn how to do that and even get free boosts for sharing by reaching out to our Seller Success Executives

  • Use payment links to collect payments from buyers outside Camlist - they may pay in installments or in full by credit/debit card, and they can redeem all the offers as well

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