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FAQs for Buyers

All your questions about buying on Camlist, answered here.

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Here are a few of the most popular questions that our buyers ask us, with answers to them. If you have any questions that are not listed below, just get in touch with us through the chat icon in the app, and we will be happy to help.

How does buyer protection work? Is it safe to buy on Camlist?

Camlist’s buyer protection program ensures that you have the safest experience while rehoming your pet. It offers you:

  1. Safe payments - until you confirm that you have received the pet, the seller cannot transfer the payment into their bank account

  2. Full privacy - you don’t need to share your phone number or personal details

  3. Customer support - you can reach out to us for help anytime through the app

  4. Refunds - if you don’t receive the pet, you will receive a full refund

  5. Great offers - you get a lot of free benefits when you buy on Camlist such as free pet food, insurance, and more!

We have also been featured in several articles in the media as the Safest Way to re-home pets. [Read Article]

What are the payment modes available?

You can pay the full amount with your debit/credit card OR you can use our financing option where we pay the seller the full amount and you pay us back in installments.

How does the installment process work?

🇺🇸 For our US customers, here is an article that explains the process in detail:

🇬🇧 For our UK customers, here is an article that explains the process in detail:

🇦🇪 For our UAE customers, here is an article that explains the process in detail:

Can I get a refund?

Since you make the payment before you receive the pet, you are always eligible for a refund if you DO NOT receive the pet for any reason. This way you are always 100% protected from any scams.

Once you press the "Confirm Delivery" button and receive the pet, you are no longer eligible for a refund.

What are the available offers for me as a buyer?

🇺🇸 In the US we have some amazing deals for our buyers including FREE pet food! Read more about the deals here:

🇬🇧 In the UK we have some amazing deals for our buyers including FREE pet food, free deworming and flea treatments, and much more! Read more about the deals here:

🇦🇪 In the UAE we have some amazing deals for our buyers including FREE pet food, FREE vet services, and much more. Read more about the deals here:

Can I avail of this deal for a pet that I already have, or do I have to buy through Camlist?

The offers and deals available are only applicable to pets brought home and paid for via the Camlist app.

When do I get the free pet food?

Once you find the pet that you would like to buy and bring home, you would need to make the payment for the pet on Camlist. Once you confirm that you have picked up the pet, you can reach out to the Support Team using the top right corner button on the app and ask to redeem the offer.

[NOTE: In cases of payment being made in installments, you may only become eligible for the free pet food once you have successfully paid your 2nd installment.]

What is the type of FREE pet food? Is it dry food or the buyer's choice?

The free pet food that we currently offer is a supply of dry packaged food that we are sure your fur baby will love! The quantity and brand of the supply varies based on the country you're based in.

How can I do a vet check?

This is a very important step for any buyer looking to rehome a pet. We strongly encourage all our buyers to ask the sellers for a vet check report prior to any payment being done. Ensuring the health of the pet is your responsibility as a buyer. If the seller refuses to provide a vet check report, this is usually a sign that there is something wrong and you should not proceed with the rehoming. Getting a vet check is an important step to ensuring the safety and welfare of any pet you are interested in rehoming.

If you are in the UAE 🇦🇪, you can avail of a FREE vet check after you make the payment but before you pick up the pet.

What if the seller does not have any documentation for the pet?

We always encourage you to ask the seller for the latest health check report, and the vaccination history of the pet. In case the seller refuses to provide either, you may look for a different pet on the app.

Do I need to provide my phone number to sign up?

Yes, you need to provide your phone number to sign up as we use a phone number and a one-time password to authenticate your profile.

Is my phone number visible to others?

Your phone number is never shared with any user of Camlist unless you choose to do so yourself in the chat.

Is my email address visible to others?

You can update your email address when you edit your profile but this email address is never shared with any user of Camlist.

Are there any fees for using Camlist?

Buyers are charged some fees depending on which country they reside in and the method of payment. When you make a payment on Camlist, you see the breakdown of any fees that will be charged to you as a buyer on the checkout page before you proceed to payment, you will also find an explanation of each fee in detail.

What happens if I need to return my pet after picking up the pet?

We would strongly suggest that you only bring home a pet when you are 100% sure that you can care for them and cater to their needs at all times.

That being said, in case you’re looking to return your pet to the breeder, you need to have checked their policy on this before you bring home the pet. If they are open to accepting returns, you may coordinate this with them directly and receive the amount you have paid directly from them. In case you have made the payment in installments, you would need to continue paying your installments as per schedule, as the full amount has been paid to the seller on your behalf.

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