Camlist Seller Protection Program

This is how sellers on Camlist are protected.

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Ensuring that you are protected while selling on Camlist is our top priority.

Camlist's protection programs offer protection to buyers and sellers on all payments made through Camlist. Here are the features of the program:

  1. Secure payments: Any payment you receive is 100% secure, final, and guaranteed to pass fraud and credit checks. Buyers are able to pay using their debit or credit cards. We will alert you in case the buyer has made an invalid payment or makes a false claim about a completed payment.

  2. Installments: We offer installments to our buyers; you, as the seller, receive the FULL amount from us immediately, but buyers pay us back in installments. This is to help you sell faster.

  3. 100% protected: You do not have to share your phone number or personal details as we have our in-built chat features including video calls to help you interact with the buyer

  4. Customer support: Issues with the buyer? You can raise a dispute. Either report the buyer within your chat session or reach out to us through the "Contact Us" section in your Profile screen

  5. Camlist's Payment Options: With the multiple options provided to a buyer to make a payment - either in full or in installments, it will ensure that you get the full payment up-front without any delays or hassles

Camlist's Protection Program is not available in the following cases:

Off-site transactions: If the payment is not received on the Camlist app, you are not covered by Camlist's Protection Program; i.e., if the payment is received by cash, bank transfer, PayPal, etc., you cannot claim the benefits of this program.

PayPal payments can usually be reversed, and this is a popular scam run by some people once they receive the pet. Receiving payments on Camlist protects you from this.

Camlist does not recommend receiving payments outside of the app. Please do so at your own risk. In case of any disputes, we will not be able to resolve them.

In addition to the above, sellers get many benefits when they sell on Camlist. You can check the benefits you are eligible for here:

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