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(UK πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§) Camlist Financing Explained
(UK πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§) Camlist Financing Explained

We can now finance the purchases of your buyers to help you find loving homes for your pets

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Camlist has partnered with financing partners like PayItMonthly in the UK to provide financing options to anyone who is looking to buy a pet.

If your buyers are looking to get a pet but don't have the full price available on hand, we will provide them with financing.

Basically, we will pay you (the seller) the FULL AMOUNT immediately, and buyers will pay us back in monthly installments with the help of this new option. And the best part is, it's with 0% interest!

Benefits to you as a seller:

  • Find a great home faster for your pet; money shouldn't stand in the way!

  • Better affordability for your buyers to make a payment

  • Quicker deal completion and payments from buyers

  • Instantly get paid the full amount

  • Zero risk for sellers in case the buyer misses an installment

  • No charges to the seller

  • You can use this even for customers you meet outside Camlist

Here is an example of the process, with a look at what the buyer has to do:


The first step is to ensure the buyer is comfortable with the pet they are looking to get from you, and agree with the buyer on the price.


Once you agree on a price, you then need to send the buyer a payment request by tapping on the "Request payment" button and entering the amount you want them to pay. To learn how to send a payment request, check out this article.


Once you send the payment request, the buyer will find a button that says "Pay now" on their side; they need to tap this button to complete the payment.


The buyer chooses to "pay in installments" with one of our financing partners. Note that the buyer does have some additional fees added as a cost of providing a safe payment service. There are no fees charged to you as a seller.


The buyer then goes through an instant credit check done by our financing partner. Once they pass the check, they have the option to make the payment for the first installment.


Once the purchase is approved and the buyer pays the first installment amount, Camlist will deposit the FULL amount to your balance while the buyer pays us in 3 installments. You will see a message in your chat with the buyer that says "Payment Paid".


You will find the full amount deposited in your balance. Go to your "Profile" screen and tap the "Balance" button.

The buyer has to tap on the "Confirm delivery" button on their side and attach a photo proof of pick-up once they have received the pet, and the transfer of the full amount will be initiated.

You can then request a transfer of the money in your balance to your bank account by going to the "Balance" screen and pressing the "Transfer to my bank account" button.


If you need any help, just get in touch with the Support Team via the chat icon on the bottom right of this screen or through the top-right corner button in the app.

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