Collecting Deposits on Camlist

You can now collect deposits from all your buyers!

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While we strongly advise all our breeders to collect the full payment through Camlist (because it helps the buyer use our financing option and take up all freebies), we're happy to announce that you can now start collecting deposits safely on Camlist!

Buyers can pay the deposits in full using their debit/credit cards Only.

All you would have to do from your side is send the buyer a payment request for the deposit amount, and the buyer will have the option to make the payment inside the app by pressing the "Request Payment" button and entering the deposit amount that you want to collect.

The deposit will remain in your Camlist balance until the buyer presses the "Confirm Delivery" button; once they do so, you can transfer the deposit to your bank account. This process is in accordance with our Buyer Protection Program.

If you agreed with the buyer on a non-refundable deposit, just ask them to press the confirmation button right after they make the payment and drop our Support Team a message saying that they would like to release the deposit amount.

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