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Requesting Payments from Buyers

We advise all sellers to receive payments on the app, here is how you can do so.

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We encourage all sellers to accept payments through the app; it gives buyers a sense of safety and security and guarantees that sellers will receive the full amount in their bank account on time, even if the buyer pays in installments.

You can collect payments and deposits from buyers you are chatting with already inside the app, or you can collect payments from buyers you are chatting with outside Camlist, and they wouldn't even have to download the app to complete the payment.

To collect payments from buyers outside Camlist, you can send them a payment link with the help of this article.

If you are chatting with the buyer on Camlist, you can choose to send a deposit request or a payment request through the app. All you have to do is:


In the same chat thread where your buyer is chatting with you, tap the "Request payment" button as shown below. You should be able to see the "Request payment" button as soon as the buyer starts a chat with you. This step is not always necessary, as the buyer may already have the option to "Pay now" from their end as long as they have a chat open with you, through which they can choose to enter the agreed amount from their end and make the payment to you.

In case you want to collect a deposit instead, you need to tap on "Request deposit" in your chat with the buyer. Note that if you send a payment request before a deposit request, you may no longer be able to collect a deposit on that chat thread as the payment type changes to being a payment towards the pet instead of a deposit.


Enter the amount you would like the buyer to pay as shown below. Note that the buyer will have the option to edit the amount on their end in case the agreed upon price has changed, or in case they would like to use multiple payment options for the same payment - this is a flexibility we offer to all your buyers so that they can choose any preferred payment option from their end.


That's it! The buyer will then receive a notification prompting them to make the payment, and they will be able to pay with their credit or debit card using the various payment options available to them - including the option to pay in installments.

Once the buyer pays successfully, you will be notified of the payment, and you can see the amount credited in your "Profile" screen in the "Balance" section. You will see the amount under "Pending balance" to indicate that the amount is being held until you hand over the pet and both of you "Confirm delivery" on the app.

Bear in mind that the amount will be held by us until the buyer receives their pet physically, taps "Confirm delivery" on the app, and attaches a photo proof of themselves with the pet. Once this is done, you can request a transfer of your balance to your bank account.

You would also have to "Confirm delivery" on your side.


Make sure you set up your bank account details so that we know where to transfer your balance.

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