Posting a Listing

As a seller, you can post a listing to show your pet through a video.

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Once your profile is completely set up, you're now ready to post a new listing on Camlist.

You can get creative with this by shooting a video of your pets when they're playing or running around. Try to shoot an attractive video to make your listing stand out!

Buyers on Camlist can find these listings on their feeds and will chat with you directly if they are interested.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Do I have to post videos on every listing?

    Every listing requires you to post one video that will serve as the main media for that listing. We believe that videos are the best way to showcase the joys of having pets! ❀️

  2. Can I just post photos for my listing?

    You can attach upto 10 photos once you have selected a video and at the stage where you are asked to write in the details for the listing.

  3. Do the listings undergo a review?

    We have moderators working round the clock to ensure that listings are approved as soon as possible as long as they adhere to our listing guidelines and pet advertising rules for your home country. You can expect your listing to be live within 1-2 hours, but it may take longer in some cases.

    To learn more about our advertising rules, you can check the following articles:

Here's how you can post a new listing:


Click on the "+ List" button at the center of your home screen, and then choose "Post a listing".


You can upload a video from your gallery.

Alternatively, you can shoot a new video. (Remember to make it as creative as possible)


Add the title, description, and your expected price. In the description, you can also add hashtags to tag your listing. You may also choose to add photographs of your pet as additional media.

Each listing has to have one main video and can have up to 10 additional photographs.


Add the optional details in the provided section. Even though this section is optional, your listing may receive more interest if it is fully filled out.

Make sure that you also read the Community Guidelines document and agree to the guidelines.

Click on "Post" when done.


Your listing will be approved by our moderators and uploaded to the Camlist feed. All your listings will be visible on your "Profile" screen. You will receive a notification once your listing has been approved. In case your listing is rejected, you will receive the reason for rejection in the notification.


Share your listing with friends and family to reach more people.

You can post multiple listings on Camlist, as long as they are not the same video being uploaded. We would suggest that you post no more than one video per pet. If the same video is posted multiple times, the post will not be approved by the moderators.


NOTE: Camlist reserves the right to take down any listing if it goes against the Pet Advertising Rules or the Camlist Community Guidelines, even if the listing may have been approved at an earlier date.

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