Editing a Listing

Here's how you can edit or delete your listing.

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In case you need to edit a listing to change the description, details, price, etc., you can do so with the help of this article.

You can also use this option to add some images to your listing. You cannot remove a video with the edit option, as every listing is based on a unique video. If you would like to use a different video, you would need to add a new listing with the video you would like to use.

Tap on the top-right corner icon above your video to see the options. Then tap on "Edit Ad".

You can also choose to delete your listing if you have already sold the pet or are not happy with the video you have listed. You need not delete any listings if you do not want to. If you would like to indicate that the pet is sold, you can edit the listing and add [SOLD] to the title of your listing.

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