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How to become a POWER SELLER on Camlist 🔥
How to become a POWER SELLER on Camlist 🔥

A list of everything Camlist provides that helps you sell

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As a breeder, you are constantly facing challenges while rehoming your fur babies.

Luckily, Camlist can help and provide solutions to many of those challenges. Below you will find some tips that will help you find the best homes for your pets as quickly as possible.

1- Build a trusted seller profile

Setting up your profile is very important to gain the trust of your buyers, it gives you more credibility and helps your buyers feel safe dealing with you.

Here are the basic things you need to do when updating your profile on Camlist:

  1. Go to “Profile” and tap on the “Edit Profile” button on the top right

  2. in the Edit Profile screen, you’ll be allowed to fill in your personal information

  3. once you’re finished, click on the “Done” button

  4. once you’re done please inform our support team so that you can get your 5 FREE boosts

2- Collecting reviews - to build a reputation and gain trust

If you've had happy buyers in the past who have gotten pets from you, you should definitely ask them to drop you a 5-star review on the app to help you stand out on Camlist. It is more likely for sellers with a good reputation within the app to close more deals faster.

You may also want to consider asking for an honest review from past customers because it will help potential buyers trust your business.

3- Get paid from buyers outside the app

At Camlist, we want to make the experience of collecting payments the smoothest possible experience for you and your buyer. As a step towards this, you may also collect payments from your buyers who are not on Camlist.

This would allow you to claim your benefits as a seller - including your cash bonus, and your payments would be protected by us to ensure that you do not hand over the pet without the buyer completing their payment. You will also be able to offer all of all of Camlist's benefits to the buyers who pay using your payment link.

To create and share your payment links, please follow these steps:

4- Payment options

Your buyers can pay in one of two methods:

  • they can pay the full amount directly using their debit/credit card OR

  • they can use our financing option.

Whichever option buyers choose, you receive the full amount immediately. In case buyers are paying using finance, you still get your full amount immediately from us, and buyers pay us back in installments.

For details about financing, have a look at these resources:

5- Give your buyers an offer that they can’t refuse

We know that finding and rehoming a new furry friend to join your prospective buyers family is no easy task. It's a big responsibility! And there are so many things they need to figure out on their journey as a new pet parents.

Thousands of pets have found new parents on Camlist, and we have seen a pattern of the things most new pet parents need. We worked hard with many of our partners to solve this for you, and we are proud to say that we put together a fantastic deal for all prospective pet parents!

If you are selling on other sites, be sure to add this special offer to your listing's description so you can attract more prospective buyers there. Once you have done this, please send our support team a screenshot to receive your 5 FREE boosts.

Here's a special offer that can be easily pasted into your listing's description on other websites:

- Pay in full with card, or pay in 4 installments (25% per month) via Camlist
- 100% protected payments
- FREE upto 12 months pet food
- FREE health insurance
- FREE deworming and flea treatments
- FREE video vet service for 1 year
- Upto 30% cashback FOR LIFE on all pet-related purchases (food, toys, supplies, etc.)


  • All the above offers can only be redeemed within one month from the time the payment is made for the pet on the app. All of these offers are only available for pets listed under the categories of dogs and cats.

  • All the above offers can only be redeemed directly from within Camlist by contacting our support team through the in-app chat. There will be no changes made to the offer redemption after our support team confirms the successful redemption of the offer.

6- Sellers and buyers protection program

Ensuring that you are safe and protected while paying or selling on Camlist is our top priority. Our Buyer & Seller Protection Programs offers protection to our buyers and sellers for all payments made through Camlist and gives them peace of mind.

Any payment you make on Camlist is held in escrow inside the app until you and the buyer press the "Confirm Delivery" button.

The full details of the program are outlined below, please read this carefully:

7- FREE access to our cashback club

The Camlist Cashback Club is an exclusive club where you can earn a cash-back of up-to 30% credited to you after your successful purchase.

To redeem the cash-back, you may do the following:

  1. Go to your profile and tap the "Cashback" button

  2. Browse the catalog of partners

  3. Make sure you press the “Visit Store” button of the website you want to shop at below the partner (The button should be the last link you press before going to the website)

  4. Place your order

  5. Within 24 hours of your order being placed, you will receive the cash-back on your Camlist wallet

  6. You will be able to withdraw it to your bank account, so make sure you set up your bank details on the app

8- FREE Marketing & Promotions for you as a seller

The reputation and marketing of a seller are essential for selling their pet faster. We at Camlist are very eager to offer you our marketing services for free to promote you as a seller through the following channels:

  1. Feature your Camlist account in our email newsletter

  2. Feature your Camlist account in our social media

  3. Promote you as the seller of the week

  4. Feature your video testimonial in our home page feed

9- Get your account in our top-rated seller list

In order to qualify for the top-rated section on the home screen of Camlist all you need is:

  • A complete profile with a profile pic and a username (read more about setting up your profile here)

  • Receive a minimum of 3 payments from 3 different buyers on the app

  • Receive a minimum of 3 ratings of 5-stars from 3 different buyers on the app

  • Submit a text or video review of your experience on the app

  • No suspicious activity reported

  • The more payments and ratings you receive on the app, the better your chances of getting on the top-rated section

10- Get a Cash bonus

For every pet that is rehomed through Camlist, you (the seller) will receive a cash bonus (which is $15 for sellers in the US and upto 50 AED for sellers in the UAE) if the buyer paid on Camlist (either paid the full amount using their card, or used our installments option).

When you receive payment in Camlist, the bonus will be automatically added to your requested bank transfer.

We believe that this bonus can be used by breeders to provide better care for their fur babies, will help all breeders deliver better service to their pet parents, and have a positive impact on the welfare of all pets re-homed through our platform

11- Link your Instagram account

We've got a new feature to help you get the word out about your business.

We know that many of you have social accounts like Facebook or Instagram, and we've made it easier for buyers and sellers in our marketplace to find each other.

Now, when you connect your account with a social account, anyone on Camlist can see your profile—and if they click through to your page, they can also connect with you there. It's like having two different storefronts for your business: one inside the app, and one outside of it.

We're committed to making sure that everyone gets the most visibility possible on our platform, so we're excited about this new development!

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