Having a 5-star rated profile and positive reviews from your buyers gives your profile credibility and make buyers feel safe dealing with you.

After every transaction (accepting an offer, or receiving a payment) your buyers have the chance to give you a rating and a review.

You can always ask your buyers to leave you a good review if they are happy!

Remember buyers always check your profile before they chat with you or make you an offer/payment.

Make sure to always ask your buyers to leave you a review after you've accepted their offer, or after they made a payment to you, by asking them to press the "Leave Review" button.

You can leave a review for your buyer too!

You can get your buyers to leave you a review at any point of time. You just have to get them to open your profile and tap on the "Leave Review" button on the top right of their screen.

You can also get your buyers from outside Camlist to leave you a review! You can share your own custom link to collect reviews. Here's how you can create your own link and share it with your buyers over any text messaging app:


For example, if your username is Minipaws, your review link would be:


If you need any support, you can always reach out to our Support Team through the top-right corner button on the main screen of the app!

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