Deposits on Camlist

Here's how you can receive, or pay a deposit within the Camlist app.

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⚠️ We recommend that buyers pay the full price on Camlist, as it is held in escrow and not released to the sellers until the buyer receives their pet. This usually eliminates the need to pay a deposit and protects both buyers and sellers. You can read more about how payments are protected by our escrow in the Buyer Protection Program article. ⚠️

However, in cases where a deposit is required, you can also use Camlist to do so safely and securely.

  • If you’re a seller looking to receive a deposit click here

  • If you’re a buyer looking to pay a deposit click here

For sellers receiving a deposit:

To collect a deposit on Camlist, just send out a payment request to a buyer for the amount that you would like to collect as a deposit.

Check out the article on how to request payments on Camlist in case you need guidance.

All payments on Camlist are refundable by default as per the Buyer Protection Program until the buyer confirms delivery on the app to provide proof that they have received the pet.

However, if you and the buyer agree on the deposit being a non-refundable deposit, the buyer may tap on confirm delivery and accept the terms and conditions to release this payment to you. Once this is done, you may proceed to request a bank transfer.

Once the deposit has been received, you can receive the remainder of the payment securely by sending the buyer another payment request for the remaining amount. The payment would follow the same process but the difference this time around would be that the buyer would confirm delivery only once they receive the pet as per the Buyer Protection Program.

For buyers paying a deposit:

If a seller asks you to pay a deposit to reserve your pet, you can safely do so now within Camlist.

Some sellers may ask you to place a deposit in order to reserve the pet for you via bank transfer or PayPal etc. This is extremely risky for both sides. Through our safe payments option, this risk is eliminated.

You can now pay a deposit on Camlist and your payment is held in escrow until you confirm that you have received the pet, eliminating any possibility of you losing your deposit.

Every payment on Camlist is refundable by default and you can be assured that your money can be safely returned to you if you face any issues. A seller may ask you to pay the deposit via bank transfer, or on PayPal under the "friends and family" option, you should avoid doing so for your safety and insist to pay within the app.

If you and the seller have specifically agreed on a non-refundable deposit, you can reach out to the Camlist Support Team (using the top right corner button on the app) and inform them that the amount paid is towards a non-refundable deposit, and they will guide you to tap on "Confirm Delivery" in your chat with the seller.

Let's have a look at the benefits of paying through Camlist:

  • Your money is held in escrow in order to ensure the deal is completed before the payment is transferred to the seller, whereas on other platforms (such as PayPal or bank transfers) the money is instantly credited to the seller and there is no way for you to get that money back.

  • Any payment you make in Camlist is covered by our Buyer Protection Program, you can learn more about it here:

Whenever a payment or deposit is requested, make sure to ONLY pay through Camlist to enjoy safety and peace of mind!

Note: Non-refundable deposits are not allowed to be paid through payment plans.

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